Chapter 3

Setnesu, Tehaksha’mon, 1186 AF

I walk through the woods, winding my way through their maze-like corridors.

I glance at the trees as I pass them by; so tall, they seem like giants.

Birds sing up in their branches with their flute-like voices.

A feeling……

Chapter 2

Date Unknown

We sing now of the Soul Eater,

Elder goddess, most holy Mother,

Whose realm in Urtis’s plains 

Is wrapped forever in the depths of night.


Oh! Mother, bend Your ear.

Eternal ruler, terrible and strong.

We revel in Your……

Chapter 1

Guesari 23, 622

Mu tihigne shi

(Knowledge above all)


— The Scholar’s Oath


“Are you alright?”

The disembodied voice cut through the fog shrouding his brain. His eyelids felt as though they were weighed down. It took all the strength he could muster……

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Act 03: A day in the Park 


Act 03: A day in the Park  

Indigo stretched lazily in her bed, pulling the covers up around her ears, smiling happily. No school today. She’d slept in for the first time in a while, glad for the day off. She……

Act 02: Secret of the Leaf Star

Act 02: Secret of the Leaf Star


“That’s just too weird!” Hatemi said after Dionne had finished telling the others what had happened the night before. Hatemi Summers was the sehashi warrior known as Fate. She went to the same university as Dionne, but they had very few classes together. She and Cory Davis,……

Act 01: The Rising


Act 01: The Rising  

At the front of the lecture hall, Professor MacDonald droned on about some apparently important historical event. Hana yawned and sighed, looking at the clock on the wall above the door. Two minutes had passed since……

Act 01: This Summer Hurts


      Act 01: This Summer Hurts



The end of the school year had come and gone. The students of Elysium Valley High School had written their last exam almost two weeks ago. Final report cards……

Act 01: The Gang’s All Here


       Act 01: The Gang’s All Here



Trying to organize a group of people as large as they were wasn’t a simple task, nor was finding a place big enough to hold them all without drawing unwanted……

Act 01: Something Wicked Comes

Act 01: Something Wicked Comes


It took Allan and Dionne almost a month after the defeat of Nekhbet—a corrupt sehashi who had come to be known as the Lord of Chaos named Vulturia—before they worked up……