1. Commissions can take 1-2 weeks. Please be patient.
  2. I work best from visual references, but if you don’t have one, please be as detailed as you can.
  3. I prefer payment upfront, but if this isn’t feasible for you, please contact me to make arrangements.
  4. My artwork may not be used to train AI software.
  5. PSD or Clip files are available on request.
  6. You may post my art wherever you like as long as you credit me for the art.
  7. Once you have received your final piece, no refunds will be issued.
  8. Extra characters are 50% of the original price
  9. Props/weapons may have an extra charge if they are complicated.
  10. Simple backgrounds are free. Anything detailed

Will do:

  • Original Characters
  • Fan characters
  • Character designs
  • Furry/anthro

Won’t do:

  • Gore
  • Mecha
  • NSFW

May have trouble with:

  • Complex armor
  • Detailed backgrounds



Line art Coloured and shaded Digital painting
Page Doll $5
Chibi $5 $8
Portrait $5 $10 $50
Bust $7 $12 $60
Half Body $10 $15 $70
Full body $15 $20 $80

Commission Request Form