Path of the Warrior

Author: Melissa Stone
Genre: Fantasy
Series: Keverynn
Book: 1

Ebook price: $2.99
Paperback price: $20.00
Pages: 531
Paperback ISBN: 979-8364495617
Publication date: December 31, 2022

Ashrinn Chimekin is a Fugitive Recovery Agent tasked with helping the crew of the Shrike in their pursuit of the rogue Cult of Atraxia. When something goes horribly wrong during an infiltration attempt on the cult’s compound, Ashrinn and the crew find themselves on a strange, new world. Worse yet, the cultists made their way to this new world as well. Told that the capture of the cultists will lead them back home, the simple task becomes much harder when Ashrinn and the crew discover the cultists have allied themselves with the Darkriders, people who will stop at nothing to gain total control over their world. And making matters worse, the cultists have gained mysterious, dangerous magic powers… Ashrinn forges alliances with the Dragonlords, the force in opposition to the Darkriders, in hopes of stopping both the cultists and the Darkriders once and for all. As she fights, she finds herself getting closer to uncovering the mystery behind the black sword that appears when she’s in dire need – and if it will affect her desire to return home.


Sample chapters
Chapter 1: The interrogation
Chapter 2: A Hope and a Prayer
Available formats: E-book and paperback
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