What is the Aetherium?

The Aetherium is the name I’ve given to a group of linked worlds. These worlds share common elements from symbolism to similar magic systems. Not all of the worlds I’ve built are a part of the Aetherium.

Linked worlds:
Telast System

Not linked:
Stars of Destiny


I don’t know some of those worlds

And that’s ok! Some of them are still being worked on, as are the stories that take place on them. At present, only An’katerr and Stars of Destiny have published novels. Path of the Warrior (set in the Telast system) and its sequels are in the beta stage. Angels of the Night (set on Melphor) is currently undergoing restructuring. At present, it’s unclear if AotN will keep its title, but we’ll see how the rewrite goes.

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