Stars of Destiny: Light

Author: Melissa Stone
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Stars of Destiny
Book: 1

Ebook price: $0.99
Paperback price: $14.05
Pages: 157
Paperback ISBN: 9781726121354
Publication date: 2014
Second edition: 2021
Dionne Archer is a regular high school girl. For her sixteenth birthday, though, she was gifted a strange mirror and a family secret that would change her life.
Faced with new magical powers, Dionne must now team up with others like her to fight the organization known as the Lords of Chaos and keep them from achieving their goals.

All while dealing with homework.

As if being a teenager wasn’t hard enough already.


Sample Chapter
Act 01: The Light That Shines Eternally

Available formats: E-book and paperback
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