Stars of Destiny: Talismans

Author: Melissa Stone
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Stars of Destiny
Book: 2

Ebook price: $5.99
Paperback price: $13.96
Pages: 132
Paperback ISBN: 9798708040114
Publication date: 2017
Second edition: 2021
It’s been two months since the defeat of Vulturia and the Lords of Chaos. Cory has recovered from the injuries she sustained in the fight, but both she and Hatemi have decided that they’re done with being sehashi. Allan and Dionne find some papers hidden in the remains of Vulturia’s lair that might hold a clue as to what they’d been up to if only they could translate the writing. Then a new group of enemies shows up demanding that they hand over the scrolls in exchange for the safety of Elysium Valley.They don’t know what the worst part is. A new, stronger enemy? A team that’s short two of its members? Or is it that these enemies wear uniforms that look frighteningly familiar?


Sample Chapter
Act 01: Something Wicked Comes

Available formats: E-book and paperback
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