Stars of Destiny: Elements

Author: Melissa Stone
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Series: Stars of Destiny
Book: 5

Ebook price: $5.99
Paperback price: $14.99
Pages: 237
Paperback ISBN: 9798501527416
Publication date: 2020
Second edition: May 8, 2021
It’s been years since the fall of the Ssu-Ling. Dionne and her friends have enrolled in college to gain some sense of normalcy. Not long into the semester, strange creatures begin appearing in Elysium Valley. With them comes another group of sehashi. The new sehashi seem to be on the same side, but are they really? Who are they and where did they come from?



Sample Chapters
Act 01: The Rising
Act 02: Secret of the Leaf Star
Act 03: A day in the Park 

Available formats: E-book and paperback
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