Category: Whisper for Eternity

Chapter 3

Setnesu, Tehaksha’mon, 1186 AF

I walk through the woods, winding my way through their maze-like corridors.

I glance at the trees as I pass them by; so tall, they seem like giants.

Birds sing up in their branches with their flute-like voices.

A feeling……

Chapter 2

Date Unknown

We sing now of the Soul Eater,

Elder goddess, most holy Mother,

Whose realm in Urtis’s plains 

Is wrapped forever in the depths of night.


Oh! Mother, bend Your ear.

Eternal ruler, terrible and strong.

We revel in Your……

Chapter 1

Guesari 23, 622

Mu tihigne shi

(Knowledge above all)


— The Scholar’s Oath


“Are you alright?”

The disembodied voice cut through the fog shrouding his brain. His eyelids felt as though they were weighed down. It took all the strength he could muster……